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Bottle Tree Pot Plants and Bonsai

Authorised Propagators APQWO/0002/002868

Here at Bottle Tree Plantations we are very proud of our huge selection of Pot Plant Bottle Tree versions and would have the world's greatest selection of shapes and sizes all over 10 years of age.  We decided to create these truly unique versions after numerous requests.  Pot Plant versions are perfect for many private and commercial applications where space is a premium.
Each potted tree is different and has its own unique root structure
These newly potted bottle trees are beginning to develop their first branches to form a mop top canopy
The mop top canopy will develop into a thick canopy over time with frequent pruning

A Gift With A Difference

Perfect as long lasting thoughtful gift.  For those special occasions - such as:-

Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Special Visitors, Openings. etc.


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