The Supreme Feature Tree

Bottle Tree

(Brachychiton rupestris)

The Bottle Tree stands out as one of the most unique trees of the Australian natives.  Like humans, Bottle Trees demonstrate a high degree of individuality, each tree being different in shape and character to the next. Children love the friendly characteristic aspects of the Bottle Tree and it is not so much the height of the trees, but the girth and form of these trees that makes them very impressive to the young and old alike.


Street Tree with new young leaves.

A slender neck tree

A wide short girth with a dense canopy

These trees are all about 7metres tall, but the shape differs with each tree and the trunk width can be slender and tall or fat and squat.

From the remarkable striking bottle shape the trunks taper upwards to a narrow neck from which the branch network grows upwards and outwards.  Bottle Trees mostly grow as a single stem though some divide into two or three close to the ground and later may meld into one making an impressive trunk.


A young tree in a paddock

       A young tree in a garden

Bottle Trees are great survivors in their natural scrub environment, but are becoming endangered in a lot of areas with land clearing, stock and other human interference's.  During long hot periods the Bottle Tree will use water stored in its fibrous tissue.  It stores this water after heavy rains.  During the winter the Bottle Tree tolerates hard frosts albeit it may lose its foliage but come the spring warmth it will burst into life with luxuriant new foliage.


A transplanted well-shaped tree at Grand Central Toowoomba

A twin trunk in a garden

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